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Big Foot’s Flat Feet Exercise Solution

Big Foot's Flat Feet Exercise Solution

Flat feet cause a misalignment within your legs and hips. In all fairness, my flat feet are doing the best that they can under their circumstances. Helping your “flipper feet” to perform at their best, therefore your best, requires some special attention. As a fellow flat footer (I am the “Big Foot” mentioned in the title of this article), my goal is to help you remedy some of the drawbacks that come with flat feet.

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Why Are Some Personal Trainers Chubby?

Don't be a chubby trainer

I’m sure there are more paradoxical situations in other professions, but to most people, seeing a chubby personal trainer is right up there with a doctor who smokes. Personal trainers are supposed to be a paradigm of the fitness methods and practices they teach, correct? Then why are there so many trainers who aren’t just chubby, but are downright unhealthy in some circumstances?

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The Kettlebell Swing Mistake You’re Probably Making

Kettlebell Swing Progression

While the Kettlebell Swing exercise is one of the most popular kettlebell drills, it is also one of the easiest to make mistakes with. This special kettlebell exercise requires proper timing, body coordination, and skill, three things that take time and practice to develop. With all the kettlebell articles out there, there is one point that doesn’t seem to be making headlines, and that is the mistake you might be making.

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Top 5 Advantages of Outdoor Workouts

The top advantages of outdoor workouts.

It is the end of a long workday, but you need to go to the gym and workout because you are dedicated to your health and fitness goals. However, the idea of going to a stuffy, fluorescent-lit space filled with treadmills humming, crowded with people, and Miley Cyrus music playing just isn’t motivating you to leave work and get after it. It’s time for some outdoor workouts!

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