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Coconut Oil Diet Trick

Quick Diet Trick for Coconut OilIf you know how beneficial coconut oil is, but you’re still not using it as much you should, try this quick trick! You’ll quickly up your use of coconut oil and improve you skin, heart health, and fat loss at the same time.

By now you’re probably familiar with the epic health benefits of coconut oil; from enhancing your immunity to improving your skin, to staving off hunger and increasing heart health, this super food has it all. Even so, it can be kind of a pain in the butt to manage (it is an oil after all). Use this simple trick to increase your likelihood of incorporating it into your diet on daily basis.

The problem with coconut oil is that it can be messy to handle and measure. Using this simple method you can ensure that you have a quick supply of 2 ounces of coconut oil at a time for use in coffees, cooking, and even just a quick bite.

How to Make Coconut Oil Cubes

Quick Diet Trick for Coconut Oil

Step 1: Heat the Coconut Oil

Heat coconut oil to the melting point, which is greater than 75 degrees.

Step 2: Pour the Coconut Oil

Pour the liquified coconut oil into a clean ice cube tray.

Step 3: Refrigerate the Coconut Oil

Place your coconut oil tray into the refrigerator to harden.

Step 4: Break Out the Coconut Oil

Once solid, break out of tray, store in a bag or plastic container and leave refrigerated until you’re ready to use it (it will melt at room temperature if you leave it out.

Quick Diet Trick for Coconut Oil

Each coconut oil cube yields approximately 2 tablespoons. If you want to add some flavor, feel free to add a serving of a sugar free sweetener, caramel, or vanilla extract.

There you go! I use a lot of coconut oil. I hate scooping it out every day for coffee and cooking.