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Let’s Chat! AI, Content, Strategy, Marketing, Biz Dev?

Want to talk about the future of AI, content projects, a new podcast, or maybe just a business idea? Schedule a consult with Mark de Grasse! Mark specializes in marketing strategy, content, and business development with a particular focus on future preparation.

Past Projects

Content, Design, Marketing,
Branding, & Business Development

Explore a broad spectrum of business solutions with Mark de Grasse, a versatile consultant at the forefront of branding, marketing, AI, and business development. With an extensive career spanning over 20 years as a content marketing strategist and holding executive roles, including President of, Mark brings a wealth of experience across various domains. His deep expertise makes him an invaluable asset for any business looking to innovate and expand.

Check out Mark’s Sample Projects:

Content Machines

Create Endless, Branded, Original Content

A Content Machine is a creative powerhouse, transforming big ideas into a stream of engaging content for every corner of the digital world. It’s all about making more with less, turning one hit into a whole playlist of media magic!

Effortless Multiplication

Turn a single piece of content into dozens, maximizing your digital footprint with minimal extra effort.

Always On Target

Craft content that hits the sweet spot, using data-driven insights to speak directly to your audience’s needs and interests.

Creativity Meets System

Blend creative storytelling with a proven formula, ensuring your message is both fresh and reliably delivered.

Signature Style Amplifier

Elevate your brand’s identity with content that not only engages but also reinforces your unique voice and values across all platforms.
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