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Introducing the AI-Branding Academy

Traditional Branding, AI-Powered Application.
After 20 years of working in business development and marketing, I’ve created a framework that can elevate the performance of any brand.

de Grasse.

President of DigitalMarketer

Share Everything. Share Everything. Share Everything.

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Want to talk about the future of AI, content projects, a new podcast, or maybe just a business idea? Schedule a consult with Mark de Grasse!

Mark specializes in marketing strategy, content, and business development with a particular focus on future preparation.

He’s the founder of the AI-Branding Academy, former President of, he sold a company to, and he’s built over 300 brands and 50,000 pieces of content.

What will AI do to our future?

The Future of Content & Us

The Future of Content & Us is a series of articles explaining the potential applications and implications of AI in marketing and beyond.

Every project is a new challenge to produce something unique.