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How to Invent Anything Using AI

AI can be fun if you know how to use it! Just open up your mind like my 10-year-old son did.

Believe it or not, AI is FUN. Imagine doing all the projects you always WANTED TO DO, but never had time for? Now you can with AI! Just follow these steps.

You first need to change your mindset about what’s possible, and focus on the projects the projects you avoided because they were too time consuming to be practical. Think about all those dreams you’ve never been able to pursue because of a lack of resources: time, money, energy, etc.

My son Declan is a constant source of inspiration for new and fun ideas. Thanks to AI, I can now help him pursue them!

Introducing the RoboCookie

The idea for the RoboCookie Single-Cookie Making Machine came about after he found out that “cookie making machines” didn’t exist. Like any good child, his next question was, “why not?”

STEP 1: Create the Basic Concept of the Invention

We started with a quick prompt on ChatGPT* to conceptualize the machine, then we sketched it on a piece of paper.

*View the ChatGPT Executed Prompt of the RoboCookie invention concept: Click Here

STEP 2: Build Rough Prototype

Next, my son used tape and cardboard to create the basic dimensions and position each component.

STEP 3: Build Animated Prototype

Next, we built a foam-board version that more accurately showed the dimensions, and added small electric motors and electric lights to animate the prototype.

STEP 4: Envision Future Functional Prototype

Finally, we went into Midjourney**, uploaded a picture of the latest prototype, then created a mock-up of a functional version of the machine. Next up is the funding round! Please let me know if you’re interested ;)

**Here is the prompt that generated the image shown here:

<> cookie making machine with internal assembly line

The url references a picture of the second prototype.