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Why You Need a Personal Brand Magazine

As unconventional as it may sound, I believe EVERYONE should have a magazine.

I believe that every person is special enough, interesting enough, and worthy of having their own publication… the biggest tragedy is that they don’t.

If we expect to change the world for the better, we just need to do one thing: SHARE EVERYTHING. This is one way to do it.

I created my own personal brand magazine last month called “Magazine Mark.” Thanks to AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, I was able to create the publication in less than four weeks with most of the design elements being done over Thanksgiving weekend.

I wanted a way to share a range of information to highlight various aspects of my profession, interests, and life in one central place that I could hand to people when I met them.

I was going to publish a new book (and probably still will), but since everyone and their mother is doing the same, I wanted something different.

I wanted something that people wouldn’t automatically throw away (like a business card or brochure), that they wouldn’t put on a shelf and get to “eventually” read (like a book), or completely lose the moment I sent to them (like any kind of digital transfer of information communicated through a QR-code).

There’s nothing wrong with any of those methods, they just lack the style and longevity that I was looking for.

A magazine does more than simply share information, it does it with style and connection.

Style in the way you can display information through text, bullet points, flow charts, pictures, infographics, etc. Connection in the way that you can connect each piece of information with online information like videos, articles, social posts, emails, downloads, and more.

It also has longevity. No one throws away a magazine before they’ve flipped through it. If a quick flip offers ANYTHING of interest, they’ll hold on to it for their next plane ride, relax session (maybe on the toilet, but who cares), or house-cleaning session (when they go through the pile of junk they received at their last conference).

The last reason for a magazine is a little more complex.

It has to do with the ability of magazine creation to guide your content marketing strategy. With a magazine, you have a blueprint for weeks or months of online content. The articles in the magazine act as anchors for vast quantities of related information like online articles, youtube videos, directories, social media posts, downloads, and more.

If you need even more reasons, continue reading!

The Practical Reasons for a Personal Brand Magazine

I was looking for a way to share the biggest thoughts and drivers of my life as they stand right now, all in a single project. Something like a website, but that could be handed to someone in person, or contained in a single document online.

A magazine is the only way I could adequately achieve my goals.

If this was just a few years ago, a magazine would have been out of the question. It would have been too much work (I know because I owned and sold a magazine back in 2014).

The ONLY thing that made this publication possible, is AI. Specifically, the ability to create unlimited, stylized content and visuals instantly (which I achieved through ChatGPT,, and Midjourney among others) without any outside help.

I also realized that the best way to organize and expand your content marketing strategy, is through a publication. In that regards, here are 4 key reasons why a magazine is the best way to execute your content:


By consolidating all content creation efforts into a single, meticulously crafted publication, individuals and businesses can optimize time and resources while maintaining brand consistency.


Magazine Mark is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of industries and niches, making it a versatile tool for content creators across diverse sectors.


AI-driven design and styling elements ensure that each issue of Magazine Mark stands out visually and engages the audience effectively, setting a benchmark for content quality.

Content Unity

This approach enables content creators to bridge the divide between offline and online marketing, ensuring a cohesive and harmonized brand presence across all platforms.

The Deeper Reasons Behind My Personal Brand Magazine

Magazine Mark

While there are several practical reasons why I built my new publication, there are much deeper ones that relate to my goals for personal development as well.

Most of us live extremely solitary lives, whether we realize it or not. Who we think we are resides in a 3-pound lump of organic matter nestled precariously atop a stack of bones.

Problem is that everything we “think” could be extremely far from reality, simply because our thoughts and experiences have led us to incorrect conclusions about who we are and what the world is.

Since we lack telepathy, we can’t share these thoughts, and due to our individual programming, we might find them to be wrong or undesirable to the outside world. So, like any fearful creature protecting itself, we pack away that information and hide it from everyone, hoping that it will never be seen or noticed.

The problem is that those thoughts aren’t locked away anywhere. In fact, they’re whispering their existence into your every thought, action, and perception. The thing that you think you’re hiding is actually controlling and influencing everything you say and do.

I am guilty of falling into the myth that I know what I think and why I think it. I am guilty of letting these thoughts hurt my self-perception and the perception I have of others (and the entire world itself, actually). I am tired of that guilt, and I am now seeking to let it go.

This is how I am letting it go… I am sharing everything. Some may think this practice is foolish or even dangerous, but I think the opposite is true.

The highest form of being yourself is both simple and astoundingly difficult. It requires that you first know and understand who you are, something that very few people really know. What most people know is contained in a little box called, “things that are acceptable and safe for people to know about me.”

This box rarely contains anything significant, unless you’ve gone through the personal development necessary to understand everything that has been put in that box. For most people, it just contains the stuff they’ve never been judged for (which isn’t much).

What does all of this have to do with creating the concept of the “personal magazine” of which you are reading right now? Everything.

It gives me the ability to share it all in whatever way I see fit. It unifies my disclosure into a single place, allowing me to connect everything on a timely basis.

Do You Want to Make a Personal Brand Magazine?

I’m considering providing a Personal Brand Magazine course (and possibly a service). If you’re interested, Click Here.