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The 1:60 Hiring Method: The Easiest Way to Hire Your Next Assistant

Finding the right assistant can be tough, especially when everyone looking for a job interviews well, knows exactly what you want to hear, and has probably done them more times than they’d like to remember.

How do you sort through an enormous pool of potential assistants when all you want is one that can get the job done? In my experience, here’s the best way to get what you want.

I needed an assistant and my previous hiring practices weren’t up to post-COVID hiring requirements. So, I came up with something a little easier.

I believe that people have an innate sense of each other even when they don’t use words. We know that a significant portion of human communication is non-verbal (between 50-92% based on studies), and that humans aren’t great at organizing, remembering, and incorporating new information, but we still think we can find a good employee by reviewing a piece of paper and having a couple conversations with a stranger.

Not anymore!

A New Way to Interview Lots of People

I created the 1:60 hiring method because I needed help, and I instantly received 60 applications the moment I listed the job. I wanted a fast way to test potential hires on basic parameters before I spoke with anyone.

These parameters included: Will they show up to a set time? Will they take initiative to answer questions in a group environment? Do their answers display their competency?

This method allowed me to “test” 60 applicants in just a day, and complete the process with an excellent hire within two weeks (my fastest time ever for finding a good employee which wasn’t a referral).

My hire, named Cameron Miller (, has done an amazing job at her position and continues to be a huge help to both the company and my sanity (not sure about hers in regards to working with me, however). This is how I determined she’d be the best hire out of 60 applicants.

The 1:60 Hiring Process

Give this process a shot if you’re looking for good people!

STEP 1: Initial Selection

The hiring manager identifies the need for a new position within their team. A hiring manager from a different team or department is designated to oversee the hiring process.

STEP 2: Candidate Outreach

The designated hiring manager invites a pool of 60 prospective candidates to participate in the hiring process. Invitations are sent with a single set time for a Zoom interview session. Candidates are informed that non-attendance will result in elimination from consideration.

STEP 3: First Zoom Interview

The first Zoom interview session consists of all 60 prospective candidates and is moderated by the designated hiring manager, not the hiring manager in need of the position. Questions are asked to the entire group, and there are no specific rules about who can answer.

The interview is free-form, allowing candidates to interact and provide answers as they see fit. No instructions are given after the interview question is asked. After the interview, the designated hiring manager selects the top 50% of candidates based on parameters specified by the hiring manager in need of the position.

STEP 4: Second Zoom Interview

The second Zoom interview session is scheduled with the selected candidates from the first round. Again, attendance is mandatory. The designated hiring manager conducts this interview, asking each candidate the same questions. The hiring manager in need of the position silently observes the interview.

STEP 5: Final Group Interview

The top candidates are selected based on their performance in the second interview. The designated hiring manager conducts a final group interview session with these candidates. The hiring manager in need of the position silently observes this interview.

STEP 6: Presentation to Higher Manager

The designated hiring manager selects the top two candidates based on all the interviews. These top candidates are presented to the manager of the manager in need of the hire.

STEP 7: Final Selection

The manager of the manager makes the final selection between the top two candidates.

STEP 8: Offer & Onboarding

The chosen candidate is extended a job offer and proceeds with the onboarding process.