Mark de Grasse Launches MegaMad Fitness & Marketing

Mark de Grasse, the person who coined the term “unconventional fitness,” has resigned from his position as Chief Fitness Officer at Onnit Labs and has formed a new business called MegaMad Fitness & Marketing. The new business offers marketing consulting services to fitness professionals as well as free fitness information regarding unconventional training.

Mark de Grasse Modern Day Dads Rad Dad Mark de Grasse Modern Day Dads Rad Dad

Mark de Grasse: Modern Day Dad’s “Rad Dad”

I am proud to be one of Modern Day Dads “Rad Dads.” Anyone who knows me will probably tell you the same thing, I love being a dad. My two sons, Declan and Damien, are the best people I know (even if they are big turkeys sometimes). Modern Day Dads interviewed me about being a full time professional as well as a dad.

Modern Day Dads is a parenting publication written by dads, for everyone. Modern Day Dads is all about parenting, daily life, with recipes & diy hacks mixed in. An extension of the popular Modern Day Moms community, this blog serves as a place for all things parenting related through the eyes of dads. The entire modern day moms & dads community currently has a social media reach of 410,000+ and growing.

You can read their feature on me at

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