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3 Kettlebell Exercise Fails by Nike

| markdegrasse |

Nike Kettlebell Exercise Fails

If you think that big fitness companies are beyond posting kettlebell exercise fails, you would be wrong. While Nike does almost everything well, these three videos prove that their kettlebell proficiency still has a way to go!

Nike is a fantastic brand with good products and an epic level of marketing proficiency. They have been a major contributor to the growth of the fitness industry over the last several decades and have inspired millions to get in shape (for the purpose of selling their products of course, but everybody’s got to make a living).

Even so, they haven’t quite gotten an understanding of kettlebell training, even though it’s probably the biggest things to happen to exercise equipment since the dumbbell. Not only do they have a rediculous budget for these videos, but they could also get any qualified kettlebell trainer involved simply by ASKING. I know tons of trainers and all of them would jump at the opportunity for this level of exposure.

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The following are my favorite Nike kettlebell exercise fails. You’ll notice some epic demonstration fails supported by professional videography, sound, lighting, and editing (obviously, the producers know what they’re doing at least). If you want to improve your own demonstration videos, check out How to Shoot Basic Exercise Demo Videos.

Nike Kettlebell Exercise Fails

1-Hand Swing Kettlebell Exercise Fail

The Kettlebell Swing is as iconic as you can get when it comes to kettlebell training. Even so, this demonstrator manages to butcher it in a variety of ways. From the squat she performs during the down swing (it supposed to be a hinge at the hips combined with an explosive hip motion) to the way she starts and stops the exercise (basically banging it off her quad each time) to the trunk rotation she allows throughout the motion, this thing is hideous.

“Clean and Press” Kettlebell Exercise Fail

To start with, this is not a Clean and Press. If anything, I would call this a sloppy Squat Press. There’s a lot going wrong here, obviously. From the “Clean” she performs from the ground where she allows the weight to flop against her forearm as far from her core as possible to the rack position to the squat to the press, it’s all bad. Her lockout overhead isn’t the worst I’ve seen but she manages to shrug her shoulder throughout the entire motion.

“Overhead Squat” Kettlebell Exercise Fail

If you’re a trainer, you’re probably shouting at the screen while watching this one. From the the weak squatting position and depth to the overhead lockout, extended shoulder position, and shoulder “lean” during the downward motion, there isn’t really anything going “right” here.

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Bonus: Gold’s Gym

You think one of the biggest gym chains in the world can avoid epic kettlebell exercise fails? Think again! Here you can find out how to do the Turkish Get Up exercise (incorrectly).