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The #1 Problem with Sweating Too Much

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The Problem with Sweat

While there are lots of benefits to sweating, there is one glaring, annoying factor that requires a solution. Find out why you sweat so much during and after your workout and how to enhance your workouts by solving the problem. Then try my sweat-inducing workout to see why sweating so much can be an issue.

Did you know that there are a variety of health benefits to sweating? From detoxification to better skin to a reduced risk of kidney stones, the list goes on and on. It turns out that the awesome sweat stain you just made on the gym floor is much more useful than the bragging rights you get on Instagram!

The Problem with Sweat

The Problem with Sweaty Hands

The problem with copious amounts of sweat isn’t the health effects (those are positive for the most part) or sweaty gym clothes (PLEASE wash them afterwards before wearing them again). The problem is sweaty hands. If you can’t hold onto your workout equipment, sports equipment, or tool, it doesn’t matter how strong you are, you won’t be able to get the job done.

I recently began working with a company that has created a unique new solution to the problem of sweaty hands. As described by the inventor, the problem with sweaty palms isn’t because your hands are sweating, it’s because the sweat from your arms is traveling down to your palms.

Yes, sweat bands can help, but then you’re heating up an area of your body where every drop of blood will rapidly pass through (your wrists). It’s an interesting issue and a unique solution (if you’re interested in getting involved in testing it, please Contact Me).

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To test the sweaty-palm solution, I recruited a list of unconventional trainers to sweat it out. Problem is, some of these guys are real badasses and just couldn’t sweat enough to really test the product’s abilities (I’m talking to you Don Giafardino). So, I decided to make a workout that would GUARANTEE maximum sweat. See that below.

Whether you believe in using copious amounts of chalk or not (I wrote about my controversial view of chalk use in another article), sweaty hands are a pain in the butt. Your body and mind can be willing and able, but if you can’t hold onto the weight, ball, or pull up bar, it really doesn’t matter! Your hands always need to be primed for action.

Why You Sweat More After the Workout

You may not realize it, but the reason you sweat more after you stop working out is pretty simple. If you train hard, you’ve encountered this situation:

You’re pushing hard, using challenging weight, and resting very little. You breeze through a challenging 30 minute workout without so much as wiping your forehead. Then, within 5 minutes of stopping, you are literally dropping buckets of sweat. You’re thinking, “What the heck was that?”

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It turns out that you’re sweating just as much during the workout, but the air circulation created on the surface of your skin as you move prevents the sweat from pooling. For that reason, it’s drying off almost as fast as you’re creating it. As soon as you stop, the sweat catches up, pools, and the flood begins.

The Extreme Sweat Inducer Bodyweight Workout

The Extreme Sweat Inducer Workout

Let’s say that you’re a real BA and sweating doesn’t come easy. Then good news, I have a solution for you! I created this workout to take advantage of that after-workout flood DURING the workout. You’re going to work your butt off then do an isometric hold for time. Go outside in the sun and enjoy this workout (just make sure you drink lots of water for hours leading up to the workout).

This workout utilizes supersets. This means you will do one exercise then immediately go to the next with no rest in each set. The letters signify a set, so for SET A, you would do 25 Burpees, then immediatly do a 90 second Plank. Then you would rest as little as possible before going to the next round (each set has 2 rounds).

Good luck and let me know how much you sweat. It reminds me of a quote from Samuel L. Jackson in The Other Guys. He says, “You have the right to remain silent, but I want to hear you scream!” In this case, you have the right to remain silent, but I want to see you sweat!

A1: Burpees – 2 ROUNDS X 25 REPS
A2: Plank – 2 ROUNDS X 90 SECS

B1: Mountain Climbers – 2 ROUNDS X 100 REPS
B2: Squat Hold – 2 ROUNDS X 90 SECS

C1: Jump Squats – 2 ROUNDS X 25 REPS
C2: Low Push Up Hold – 2 ROUNDS X 30 SECS

D1: Hindu Push Ups – 2 ROUNDS X 25 REPS
D2: Wall Assisted Handstand – 2 ROUNDS X 30 SECS