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Obstacle Course Preparation Workout

| markdegrasse |

If you want to work on your explosiveness, conditioning, grip strength, and body control (basically everything you need for an obstacle race), all you need is a couple of plyo boxes and some pull up bars! During this workout you’ll be performing a series of jumps, rolls, and push ups to get through some basic obstacles.

The key to each test is balance and control, instead of brute strength and speed. If you can coordinate your body properly, you can land softly, optimize movement, and ensure that you minimize your energy expenditure for each drill.

Obstacle Course Preparation Workout

A: Box Jump to Roll 3 rounds x 90 sec
B: Bar Swing to Roll to Up & Over 3 rounds x 90 sec
C: Roll to Neutral Grip Pull Up to Back Roll 3 rounds x 90 sec
D: Handstand to Roll to Box Jump to Bar Swing 3 rounds x 90 sec
E: Roll to Crow to Back Roll 3 rounds x 90 sec
REST: 30 seconds between rounds/sets.