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Kettlebell Core Workout

| markdegrasse |

You can blast your core in any number of ways using a kettlebell. One of those is with sit up variations that exploit the round “ball” of the kettlebell, allowing you to comfortably grip the weight while performing a variety of movements. This core workout also utilizes a couple of my favorite bodyweight core strength movements, the Coffin Sit Up (an interesting core exercise variation that eliminates the availability of your hip flexors to assist in the movement) and the Leg Raise to Bump, a double-blast on the rectus abdominus.

Since the kettlebell is crossing over your face during some of the movements, be sure that you use a weight you’re comfortable controlling, even when you get fatigued. Remember, there is no shame in bailing! Drop the weight on the ground next to you if you have to (or better yet, put it down and grab a lighter one).

Kettlebell Core Workout

A1: Kettlebell Sit Up 2 rounds x 15 reps
A2: Kettlebell Up & Over 2 rounds x 15 reps
A3: Kettlebell Extension 2 rounds x 15 reps
A4: Coffin Sit Up 2 rounds x 25 reps
A5: Leg Raise to Bump 2 rounds x 25 reps
REST: 30 seconds between rounds