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Fitness Challenge: Kettlebell High Throw Swings

Fit Challenge: Kettlebell Swing Throw

The Kettlebell High Throw Swing exercise is a very explosive version of the Kettlebell Swing that requires more hip explosiveness, hand-eye coordination, grip strength, and controlled form than the traditional exercise. It also requires a workout location where you can safely drop the kettlebell if necessary!

RULES: One Round requires completing 5 2-Hand Swings and 5 2-Hand High Throw Swings. The Round is designed to help you get into a good groove with the standard Kettlebell Swings before letting go of the kettlebell.

SAFETY NOTE: Be sure to perform this challenge on a surface where you can safely drop the kettlebell. If you haven’t perfected the Kettlebell Swing exercise, do not attempt to throw the kettlebell; instead, just loosen your grip at the top of the Kettlebell Swing to get the feel of the exercise. The Kettlebell High Throw Swing is very good for evaluating your form and smoothness. If your reps are sloppy, the kettlebell will twist in the air when you let go, or follow a trajectory that won’t allow you to safely catch it.