Unconventional Jiu Jitsu Workout

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This Jiu Jitsu workout is designed to simulate the strains that you would endure during a Jiu Jitsu match: power and explosiveness to control an opponents body, grip strength to hold onto a gi or limb, core strength and endurance to grapple for long periods of time, and mobility to avoid injury. This workout is related to an article featured in the Dec/Jan 2012 Issue of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine.

Unconventional Training for Jiu Jitsu Workout Instructions:
Perform each set with no rest in between exercises and 45-90 seconds in between sets. Use an appropriate weight to ensure completion of each set without stopping.

Unconventional Training for Jiu Jitsu Workout

A1: Double Kettlebell Swings 3 rounds x 10 reps
A2: Double Kettlebell High Pull 3 rounds x 10 reps
B1: Sandbag Shouldering 3 rounds x 8-10 reps each side
B2: Sandbag Get Up 3 rounds x 3-5 reps each side
C1: Macebell 360 3 rounds x 10 reps each side
C2: Walking the Plank 3 rounds x 10 reps
REST: 30 seconds between rounds/sets.

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