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Top 3 Extreme Uses for Your 4kg Kettlebell!

| markdegrasse |

The Top Ways to Use Your 4kg Kettlebell

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning, grabbing your 4kg (9lb) kettlebell, and raising some hell! Rep after rep of hardcore ballistic exercises, grinding strength drills, and killer farmer walks (with TWO 4kg kettlebells, of course) to get your heart racing and sweat pumping!

On the other hand, you could grab a real weight. Sorry folks, but as efficient as training with kettlebells can be, there is pretty much no way to get a fast, effective workout using a 4kg kettlebell. Yes, you could hold it for long durations, performs hundreds or thousands of reps, or try the hardest variations of the most difficult drills, but your workout will never be as efficient as it would be if you used a higher weight.

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I’ve always said that women need to start with 18lb (8kg) and men need to start with 16kg (35lb) in most cases. There are several reasons for this (look for that article shortly), but the fact of the matter is that a 9lb kettlebell will not get the job done in most cases.

Not to fret though! There are several ways to use that 4kg kettlebell you just bought at Target. Here are my favorites.

#1: The 4kg Kettlebell Paperweight

4kg Kettlebell Paperweight

Tired of those receipts blowing off your desk? Not anymore with this 4kg kettlebell! Plus, you have the added benefit of getting asked “What is that?” by everyone that walks in the door!

#2: The 4kg Kettlebell Doorstop

4kg Kettlebell Doorstop

Need to prop open a very light door? Boom! The Kettlebell Doorstop has you covered. This doesn’t apply to doors that WANT to close, mind you, it’s only a 4kg kettlebell. A slight wind, a dogs tail, or a slightly motivated toddler will still be able to close the door.

#3: The 4kg Kettlebell Wristband

4kg Kettlebell Wristband

Want to really represent kettlebell training? Then you’d better grab your 4kg Kettlebell Wristband! Just make sure that once you put it on that you can take it off…

These are just jokes, of course (although I do actually use #1 and #2 with a 4kg kettlebell). The point is that if you really want to start training with kettlebells, get a real weight AND the advice of a kettlebell professional. Even a single lesson will teach you essential tips that can ensure that you get the most out of your next kettlebell workout.

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