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Arm Destroyer Kettlebell Workout

| markdegrasse |

One of the great things about kettlebell training is that even when you’re focusing on a single area of your body, you’re still training the rest of it! Case in point is the Arm Destroyer Kettlebell Workout. During this intense 20 minute workout, you’ll blast all aspects of your arm strength, from your grip to your forearms, to your biceps, triceps, and shoudlers, all while also training your core and lower body with explosive exercises and isometric holds.

Kettlebell Workout Instructions

Perform each set for 3 rounds resting 30 seconds between sets/rounds. Use a heavy enough weight to get close to failure during the holds.

Joint Mobility Warm Up – 3 min

Heavy Clean from Ground – 5 Reps Each Arm
Pistol Grip Hold – 30 sec each arm
3 Rounds

Double Bent Over Row – 10 Reps
Double Overhead Hold – 60 SEc
3 Rounds

Double High Pull- 10 Reps
Double Farmer Grip hold – 90 Sec
3 Rounds

Decompression Cool Down – 3 min