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5 No-BS Rules for Self Defense

5 Rules for No BS Self Defense

Being strong and conditioned is NOT the only thing you need to be safe in a dangerous situation. Being fit is NOT the same as being capable when it comes to self defense. Fitness has a place in self defense of course, but there are some basic guidelines you can follow to make you and the ones you love much safer.

Now, if you have any training on self defense, these rules may seem obvious. If you don’t, chances are that you are living much more dangerously than you think! Take these basic rules to heart.

Rule #1 – Work Your Global Awareness

Know what is ahead of you, behind you, on your right and left side and what is behind you.

Rule #2 – Keep Your Head Up (LITERALLY)

Study your surroundings. Take out the ear buds and get your head out of your phone when walking, running, or commuting in public. A distracted individual is a prime candidate for a criminal.

Rule #3 – Drop the Ego & Always Disengage

If someone is being verbally abusive, remove yourself from the situation. Don’t let the expense of pride and ego land you in the slammer or injured.

Rule #4 – Keep Your Back to the Wall

When in public, try to sit with your back to a wall, near an exit and get a quick head count of the room. Avoid sitting in a booth when dining out. Choose a table with mobile chairs. Anything you can use to create cover (putting something between you and a threat) greatly enhances your safety.

Rule #5 – Get Some Real Training!

You don’t have to commit to months or years of arduous training. Take in a few seminars on self defense, get a good book to study and make an effort to become more familiar with personal safety strategies.