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2 Free Online Marketing Tasks You Must Do Daily

| markdegrasse |

If you think that creating a good product and an attractive website is all you need to succeed online, you’re wrong. If you want to use free online marketing to build your brand, you need to get to work. Here are two things you need to do daily.

If you expect to build your brand online then there is only one replacement for paid advertising… elbow grease. This elbow grease comes in the form of consistent content generation and distribution.

The good news is that the majority of these tasks are free (unless you want to hire someone like me to start them up for you) but will only work if you consistently create new, valuable information on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Free Online Marketing Methods

The number one benefit of consistent content generation is website traffic that could immediately or eventually lead to new customers. However, that is not the only benefit by a long shot. Here is a short list of the benefits of free online marketing:

  • Makes your brand more visible by giving people a variety of information to view.
  • Turns your brand into a resource rather than just another product/service.
  • Helps you develop better products and services by analyzing the feedback that your free information provides.
  • Turns you personally into an “expert” in whatever category you’re writing in.
  • The information you generate will always be available to any and all prospects in the future, meaning that it could pay dividends that don’t require any more work than you initially invested.

There’s more, but you get the gist. The rewards of free online marketing methods are far reaching. You won’t exactly be able to create an ROI (return on investment), but it will enhance your business no matter what.

Daily Free Online Marketing Tasks

If you’re excited about what free online marketing methods could do for your business, then it’s time to get to work. Here are the two essential tasks that you should be doing daily if you’re serious about generating traffic and sales online without investing in paid advertising.

Task #1: Facebook Fan Page & Personal Page Post

Tips on how to get 5,000 Facebook Friends

There are 1.7 BILLION users on Facebook generating 4.5 BILLION likes DAILY (Click Here for more Facebook Facts). As a business person, your personal feelings towards Facebook don’t matter. You need to get on there and work it, end of story.

You need to post on Facebook daily, preferably in the form of a picture or video with an associated description and link to somewhere in your website (Click Here to learn what NOT to post on Facebook). You need to post on your personal page and your business fan page.

Task #2: Post on Your Website

Free Online Marketing Posts

This can be a tough one for most people, but you need to do it. When I sold my online business I had 1,500 pages of content, including articles, graphics, videos, contests, and more. It took me about 5 years.

Let’s say that you post one page a day Monday through Friday. That’s about 20 pages per month, 240 pages per year (not bad!). Within 5 years you’ll have 1,200 pages of content! Assuming they’re optimized pretty well and the content is good (Click Here for a good reference in regards to writing for SEO), you could create something that another person or company wants to buy.

Most people get bogged down because they only think in terms of articles (which need to be between 400-1,000 for SEO purposes depending on who you ask). What you need to remember is that you want your website to be a resource for your customers, and not all customers want to read an article. Just pick one of these types of pages and make sure to do at least one a day:

  • Written Articles
  • Embedded Video Pages
  • Picture/Graphic Pages (Image with a short description or an image with overlaid writing/stats/etc)
  • News Page (Upcoming events, changes, products, etc. for your company)

That’s it! If you do nothing else for your business, you’ll still be building a valuable asset and getting more attention for your business or service than you would have otherwise.

Other Online Marketing Tasks You Should Be Doing

I teach my clients how to create an integrating online marketing system for generating traffic and sales. Here are a few of the tasks that I have them do after I get them started.

  • Post on Twitter (6-12 times daily)
  • Post on Instagram (1-2 times daily)
  • Launch Newsletter Email Campaigns (1-2 times weekly)
  • Launch Sales/Promotional Email Campaigns (1-2 times monthly)
  • Create/Manage/Promote Online Contests (1-2 times monthly)
  • Launch Sales Promotions (1-2 times monthly)
  • Create Lead Magnets (1-2 times quarterly)
  • Create/Manage/Promote In-Person Events (1-2 annually)

Needless to say, there’s a lot that goes into online marketing. If you want a hand in getting started, check out my Get Up & Go Package.