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The Kettlebell Swing Mistake You’re Probably Making

Kettlebell Swing Progression

While the Kettlebell Swing exercise is one of the most popular kettlebell drills, it is also one of the easiest to make mistakes with. This special kettlebell exercise requires proper timing, body coordination, and skill, three things that take time and practice to develop. With all the kettlebell articles out there, there is one point that doesn’t seem to be making headlines, and that is the mistake you might be making.

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Fitness Challenge: Kettlebell High Throw Swings

Fit Challenge: Kettlebell Swing Throw

The Kettlebell High Throw Swing exercise is a very explosive version of the Kettlebell Swing that requires more hip explosiveness, hand-eye coordination, grip strength, and controlled form than the traditional exercise. It also requires a workout location where you can safely drop the kettlebell if necessary!

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5 Little Known Tips for the Perfect Kettlebell Swing

Little Known Tips for the Perfect Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing is one of the most widely taught kettlebell exercises around, but you probably haven’t heard these five tips before. Here are some different aspects of the Kettlebell Swing that you should consider before you start your next kettlebell session. Get ready for the perfect Kettlebell Swing.

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