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The Content Series: The Best Way to Create & Evaluate Content

A Content Series is similar to a short-form TV Series… it’s a set of individual pieces of content that have a connected, centralized theme delivered in a logical order.

The purpose of a Content Series is to test a central message/theme to compare to other Content Series to find out which delivers better results. If successful, the series can be continued indefinitely, or spin-offs of similar content can be created.

Just like other concepts included in Content Development Theory, the goal is to test, assess, and continue or discard. Every piece of content has a connection to both the brand and/or Campaign Message.'


Mark de Grasse is the President of DigitalMarketer, an eLearning company focused on skill development for professional marketers, marketing agencies, and small business owners. Mark de Grasse is a content strategist focused on integrated, genuine approaches to marketing and management. Mark has been working in content development since the mid-2000’s, creating tens of thousands of articles, graphics, videos, and podcasts over the years.

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