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How to create fitness article topics

How to Create Endless Fitness Article Topics in 3 Steps

Are you ready to write your first fitness article but have no idea where to start? Use this three step process to generate an endless amount of fitness article topics based on your experience as a trainer. Start writing and start getting traffic now.

I work with a lot of good trainers. I believe that most of them have some valuable fitness information that should be shared with the world. The problem is that they don’t know what that information is, and therefore can’t write about it. The most common statement I hear is:

I don’t know what to write about.

Not to worry though! After years of coming up with fitness article topics, I have found that the following steps will lead you to your first article topic (and a million more for that matter). Simply walk through the steps and get ready to start typing.

In case you’re wondering WHY you need to write articles, let me explain. No one in the world knows how much you know, therefore there is very little reason for them to think that you know ANYTHING. You need to establish yourself as an expert to get clients, sell your products, and build your company. The easiest, cheapest way to do that is to publish content online that will prove that you ARE the expert. You ARE the solution. You ARE everything that your future customer needs to get where they need to go!

Step 1: What is the Most Common Problem Your Clients Face?

If you’re a trainer, you have clients. While those clients have different issues and different goals, chances are that they have similar problems. Maybe they screw up the squat exercise in a certain way, they all hate the same workout set scheme because it’s difficult, or they make the same mistake when they pick up the weight.

Next time you train someone, make a list of issues, complaints, and compliments regarding the training session. Really observe and listen to what is going on. Afterwards, write everything down, then do it again with the next session. You’ll start to see a pattern.

Step 2: How Do You Solve the Problem?

Hopefully you respond when your clients have a problem. Again, simply make a mental note of how you address the issue. Is there a certain cue that works with some clients when correcting their squat? Is it better to give them a demonstration? When you show them how to do things correctly, how long does it take for them to correct the problem?


In this step, you’ll want to list out the different ways you can fix the problem. It could be a cue, a demonstration, or maybe something else. Whatever it is, plan on writing about the most common solution, or alternatively, list out all of the ways the problem can be solved.

Step 3: Get Writing!

Now that you have the problem and the solution, it’s time to sit down and put it on paper. Use this simple outline to put everything on paper.

Catchy Introduction

Establish yourself as more than another online writer straight from the start. Tell a story about how you came up with this solution based on your experience training people. A lot of fitness articles are written by people who don’t even train! Tell people that you are a trainer right from the start.

Problem Description

Describe the problem in simple terms, then give a real-world story about how and why one of your clients had an issue (don’t use their names or likeness unless you have permission, of course). Again, remind people that you train.

Solution Description

Describe how you addressed the problem and came up with the solution. You can also walk through the process of coming to the solution, mentioning the ways you tried to fix the issue that didn’t work. We’re looking to build both your personality and experience, so pile it on!

That’s pretty much it. There are some technical details concerning optimization, but we’ll talk about that after you write your first piece! Subscribe to be notified of future articles about fitness business.

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