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Double Kettlebell Leg Destroyer Workout

Double Kettlebell Leg workouts are the best way to use kettlebells to build lower body strength and power. They’re challenging and have the added benefit of increasing endurance and grip strength. If you are new to double kettlebell leg work, make sure you take it easy on the weight until you master your form.

Kettlebell Workout Instructions

Perform each set for 4 rounds resting 30 seconds between sets/rounds. Use a heavy enough weight to get close to failure during the holds.

Joint Mobility Warm Up – 3 min

Double Front Squat – 10 Reps
Squat Hold – 60 sec
4 Rounds

Double Single Leg Deadlift – 10 Reps ES
Lying Hip Raise Hold – 60 SEc
4 Rounds

Double Racked Walking Lunge – 20 steps
Lower Lunge Position Hold – 45 Sec ES
4 Rounds

Decompression Cool Down – 3 min