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20-Minute Kettlebell Warrior Workout

Ancient warriors didn’t get to rest in battle, and with this workout, neither do you! This kettlebell workout involves a series of kettlebell Figure 8 variations to simulate the constant rotational movements that an ancient warrior may have performed while swinging swords, axes, and clubs. The “rest” during the main workout set is either a Squat Hold or a Plank. Try not to rest at any point for the 3 rounds. Good luck kettlebell warrior!

Joint Mobility Warm Up – 3 min

Figure 8 – 30 sec
Squat Hold- 30 Sec
Figure 8 to Hold – 30 sec
Plank – 30 Sec
Figure 8 to hold & Press – 30 sec
Squat Hold- 30 sec
Figure 8 to Hold & Curl – 30 sec
Plank – 30 sec
Figure 8 to Hold & Squat – 30 sec
Squat Hold – 30 sec
3 Rounds

Decompression Cool Down – 3 min

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