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Mastering the Art of Service: A Journey from Hospitality to Marketing Mastery w/Axel Simon | Ep. 7

Axel Simon emphasizes the importance of understanding and serving people, learning continuously, and genuinely caring for clients.
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This episode of Podcast Mark features Axel Simon, who shares insights from his extensive career across hospitality, IT, and digital marketing. Axel emphasizes the importance of understanding and serving people, learning continuously, and genuinely caring for clients. He advocates for focusing on clients’ needs, solving their problems, and building long-term relationships rather than merely selling products. Axel’s approach underlines personal connection, mentorship, and the transformative power of marketing rooted in empathy and customer service.


  • Digital Marketing: Axel discusses the evolving landscape of digital marketing, emphasizing authentic content and genuine client engagement over mere advertising.
  • Customer Service Philosophy: Insights into Axel’s belief that understanding and prioritizing customer needs are fundamental to business success.
  • Business Development: Strategies for growing a business by fostering trust, providing tailored solutions, and building lifelong customer relationships.
  • Personal Growth and Learning: The significance of staying open to new experiences and the continuous pursuit of knowledge within one’s field.
  • Hospitality and IT Industry Insights: Lessons from Axel’s journey through various sectors, highlighting the universal value of hospitality and adaptability.
  • Marketing Strategies: Axel’s perspective on the future of marketing, focusing on storytelling, personal responsibility, and creating a positive customer experience.


Axel Simon:


AI-Branding Bootcamp:

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