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Learn How to Create Cohesive Brands with the Help of AI

What Will You Learn?

How do you turn a normal brand into a real “thing?” Not just good-looking. Not simply professional. You need a recognizable, consistent, and independent brand. There is a way to systematically create this presence, and I’ll show you how.


Learn how to use AI for both research and ideation. Create entire brands for ideas using AI-imaging tools like Midjourney, and conduct research faster than ever before using ChatGPT and


Design the perfect branding strategy, then create the documents and information you need to execute. Create your five primary style guides: Written, Visual, Interactive, Experiential, and Community.


Learn how to execute and manage a complete branding framework. Maintain consistency, evolve your brand with changing times/developments, and ensure that EVERYONE knows what you stand for.

Meet Your Teacher: Mark de Grasse

Mark has been working in branding and content creation for 20 years, creating over 30,000 pieces of content in all media forms.

Over 300 Brands Built

Mark has built over 300 brands for himself and others, encompassing design, content creation, websites, podcasts, magazines, and more.

Executive Management

With multiple executive roles, including President of DigitalMarketer, Mark has helped build and guide brands at multiple levels.

Design, Design, Design

Mark has personally designed thousands of graphics, logos, and animations, utilizing a range of tools starting in the early 2000s.


Mark has built multiple courses and hundreds of prompts to create and systemize frameworks using ChatGPT, Midjourney, Descript, Elicit, Claude, HeyGen, Vidyo, and more.

Mark’s Past Projects

What is AI-Branding?

Learn How to Create Cohesive Brands with the Help of AI

What Will You Walk Away With?

You won’t just learn new techniques, you’ll be building a brand. You’ll create each of these deliverables will be created during the course.

Brand Blueprint

Everything you need to explain how and why your brand exists.

Custom GPTs

Learn how to build custom GPTs to guide your marketing and business decisions.

Brand Avatar

A virtual representation of your brand as a person.

Customer Avatars

The personification of your ideal primary/secondary customers.


How to generate images using Midjourney, GPT4, and Runway.


How to create scripts, articles, ads, books, downloadables, reports, and more.

Written/Verbal Style Guide

Involves the use of language, tone, and messaging in brand communication.

Visual Style Guide

Comprises all visual aspects of branding, including logos, color palettes, typography, and imagery.

Interactive Style Guide

Encompasses user-focused elements such as digital interfaces, interactive technology, and user engagement.

Experiential Style Guide

Focuses on creating immersive and sensory experiences through events, environmental design, and physical interactions.

Community Style Guide

Emphasizes the importance of consistent, positive interactions and the representation of the brand’s values in all employee actions.

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