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I would plan on at least one Information Email each week and one Sales Email every other week as you get started. Eventually, you’ll be able to do more sales emails, but keep them sparse at first, and make sure the offers are really attractive.

Information Emails

Your information emails should contain at least two pieces of free information (usually links to articles, videos, or workouts). They can contain ads, but those should be subtle and secondary to the free information being provided.

Ssle Emails

Your Sale Emails should provide something more than a sales pitch. They should somehow show appreciation for your followers by offering exclusive discounts or special features.


The example to the right features a month of posting according to the Workout Plan Content Map (pages 78-79). If you reference that page and the related Content Posting Schedule Page (page 85), you’ll see how each of the Information Emails lines up with the new content you’ll be generating. The Information Emails are sent once a week while the Sale Emails are sent every other week. You’ll need to test your results to see what day and time is ideal for viewer engagement, but this schedule is fairly typical. Sending the Information Email on Wednesdays will allow you to post new content to prepare for the campaign on Monday and Tuesday, and the Sale Email being sent on Fridays allows you to take advantage of “payday” for most people.