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MegaMad Essentials Workout DVD

MegaMad Combined Method Workout DVD

18 Unconventional Workouts

30+ Unconventional Exercises

4-Weeks of Unconventional Programming

Gain strength and endurance using 18 different workouts featuring kettlebell, sandbag, and bodyweight exercises. Complete 4-week training program included. This workout DVD will challenge beginner to advanced trainees.

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Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are one of the most popular unconventional training methods available, and the reason why is simple; they allow you u access to hundreds of movements all in a very small amount of space!

Sandbag Training

Sandbags will be used for a variety of strength and conditioning exercises. This simple tool requires less skill than the kettlebell but will still provide powerful full body drills to the user.

Bodyweight Training

No other method can challenge your endurance quite like bodyweight training. Using nothing but your own bodyweight, you’ll be tested with full body movements that will have you begging to pick up your kettlebell or sandbag instead.

Follow Along Workouts

Each of the 18 workouts featured on the MegaMad Essentials Workout DVD feature different sets and durations, ensuring that you are continually challenged and never get bored.


I’ve never used kettlebells or sandbags before, will this workout DVD still work for me?

Yes! There are tutorials and instruction on the DVD. The majority of the movements are not very technical and the instructor will give advice for regressing the exercise if necessary.

Who is the instructor?

The instructor is Mark de Grasse, owner of MegaMad Fitness. Mark originally created a three DVD series called Fitness is Function which featured the three different methods (kettlebell, sandbag, and bodyweight) used in this DVD. He has also produced a number of other workout DVDs and pioneered the method used to fit multiple full length workouts onto a single disk.

When will my DVD ship?

Your DVD will ship on or before August 31, 2015. Pre-Sale will be available until the DVD is shipped.

Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes! SHIPPING IS FREE! We’ll ship your DVD anywhere in the world!

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