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Mark's Work Timer

Work Timer

Having some trouble making progress on the 50 different projects you have going at the same time? I know I did!

That’s why I created this “Work Timer” that keeps me on track while also reminding to stand up and move for 4 minutes out of every hour (doesn’t sound like much but it’s better than just sitting with zero movement like most people do).

Improve Blood Flow, Decrease Stress, & Do More Work

Mark's Work Timer

Work can feel so overwhelming that the concept of exercise during each day seems impossible. The truth is that your physical and mental well-being are one in the same, meaning that your work and productivity suffers when your body does.

When you combine work stress with the negative effects of sitting all day long, you have a recipe for heart disease and early death (literally, just Click Here to read about it on the Mayo Clinic website).

How the Work Timer Works

It’s pretty simple; when you get to work, start this timer. When it goes off, stand up and do a set of a single exercise or some stretching/mobility work. When it goes off again, sit back down and get back to work. You’ll feel refreshed AND it’ll put your time use in perspective.

BONUS! This can also be used to “Grease the Groove” (look it up). Pick a single heavy exercise (I like using Double Kettlebell Swings, Strict Presses, or Goblet Squats) and do 10 reps for every “Stand Up & Move” set.

The Work Timer

Use this link and get to work or create your own:

MegaMad Work Timer