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Fitness eBook: MegaMad Method of Unconventional Fitness

MegaMad Method of Unconventional Fitness

72 Unconventional Workouts

80 Unconventional Exercises

1 Year of Unconventional Programming

Are you ready to use kettlebells, sandbags, and bodyweight training to enhance your functional strength? Using a strategic approach to workout planning, the MegaMad Method of Unconventional Fitness will allow to create your own 12-month workout routine to build strength and skill at the same time. It also includes a complete, yearlong workout plan, dozens of exercise description for each method, and more.

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72 Unconventional Training Workouts

72 complete workouts using kettlebells, sandbags, and bodyweight training. Each workout is completely unique and every exercise mentioned includes step-by-step demonstration pictures within the book.

80 Exercise Tutorials

80 kettlebell, sandbag, and bodyweight exercises are included in this book alongside the 8 most common kettlebell grip variations and 4 most common sandbag grip variations.

12-Months of Programming

The 72 workouts are used to create 4 completely unique 28-day programs that can be combined for a full year of progressive training.

MegaMad Philosophy

Find out exactly what a “Mad Method” is and where the term comes from. Learn a unique view of what it takes to train over the entire course of your life, including the motivational types, stages, and philosophy behind fitness skill and progression.

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