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eBook Creation Service

Writing a fitness ebook doesn’t have to be an enormous undertaking. In fact, you probably have enough material for your first book in your head right now! The material is not the problem, the design, layout, and direction is. That’s where we come in.

I’ve created dozens of fitness publications for myself and other fitness organizations. These projects include marketing and fitness books that have generated thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of leads, certification manuals for fitness organizations, and a magazine that was distributed throughout the world for over 4 years (My Mad Methods Magazine).

Each of these projects have taught me the power of attractive, useful writing. Unlike websites that are constantly changing as time goes on, books are a concrete example of what you think and believe. No matter what happens, people appreciate information that has been thoughtfully assembled for distribution.

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Past Projects

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    What You Get

    Professional Layout

    We’ll create a professional layout for your fitness book based on your content. Every page will highlight the information it contains in an attractive and logical format. You provide the material, we make it look awesome.

    Attractive Design

    Graphic design is an important part of selling your book. We’ll design an attractive, eye-catching cover in addition to all necessary graphics to highlight the content of the book.

    Excellent Editing

    Unlike some editors, we specialize in fitness material, meaning that we know what you’re trying to say, even if your writing isn’t perfect. Our editing utilizes our knowledge of fitness, making your material even better.


    After everything is complete, we’ll produce three attractive 3d mock ups for your book (like the one you see at the top of the page). These can be used for your website, landing page, banners, social media posts, and more to attract people to buy and/or download. We’ll also help you organize a photo shoot for your book if you don’t have photography already.


    I’ve never written a book (or even an article), can you still help me?

    Yes! Even if you’ve never written before, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the necessary knowledge to do so. We’ll walk you through the process; from the concept of the book, to the outline, to the general message, we’ll guide you.

    How long does the book have to be?

    The length of the book really depends on the material. If you’re just looking for a lead magnet, the book can be as little as 1,500 words (the length of a medium-sized article). Believe it or not, we can turn that into a 15-30 page ebook! If you are looking to sell your material, we recommend 20,000 to 30,000 words (enough for a 150-200 page book).

    I’m not a very good writer, is that okay?

    Yup! The important part of fitness books are the concepts and ideas. We’ll make sure you look intelligent through professional editing.

    How long does the process take?

    If you already have your written material and photography, we can complete the book in as little as 2-3 weeks. If you need to be walked through the writing and photography process, it usually takes 4-6 weeks (depending on how quickly you deliver the content to us).

    I have the material, but not the photography, will that be an issue?

    No! You will want some professional photos to highlight the points in your book, but fortunately, we can help you organize a photoshoot. We’ve done so in the past for as little as $150 (you’ll pay the photographer, not us).

    What do I get when the project is complete?

    You’ll receive a high-resolution and low-resolution PDF of your final book, in addition to three 3d mock ups for marketing purposes.

    Can I print my book?

    Yes! If you want to print your book we can create a printable version of the document that you can then take to any printer. We can recommend a printer if necessary.

    Can I see some examples of your work?

    Yes! Simply contact us and we’ll send you a series of example pdfs. Or, you can download from our past clients:

    MegaMad Free Publications

    TRX Training Sydney Workout Book

    Athletic Instinct Ab Book

    I don’t have a fitness business, but I want to create an ebook to sell and/or generate leads, can you help me?

    Yes! While we specialize in fitness business, the same rules apply to most industries. Contact us and we’ll provide you with more details about our non-fitness services.

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