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Disrupting Digital Course Creation: The Heights Platform Story w/Bryan McAnulty | Ep. 1

On this episode of Podcast Mark, they delve into Bryan’s journey in creating Heights Platform, a course creation and learning management system that competes with larger players in the market.
Podcast Mark

In this episode of “Podcast Mark,” host Mark de Grasse interviews Bryan McAnulty, the founder of Heights Platform. They delve into Bryan’s journey in creating Heights Platform, a course creation and learning management system that competes with larger players in the market. The episode covers various aspects of entrepreneurship, personal development, business development, and digital education.


  • Introduction of Bryan McAnulty: Discussion of his background and the founding of Heights Platform.
  • Heights Platform’s Unique Features: Exploration of the intuitive design and functionalities that differentiate it from other course platforms.
  • Transition from Web Design to Educational Platforms: Bryan’s shift from web design and graphic work to developing web applications and eventually creating online courses.
  • Improving the Online Learning Experience: Strategies employed by Heights Platform to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes, like gamification, community features, and project-based learning.
  • Business Model and Product Development: Discussion about transitioning from client-based work to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and the development process of Heights Platform.
  • Marketing and Growth Strategy: Insights into how Heights Platform was marketed, including a successful lifetime deal launch on AppSumo.
  • Maintaining a Bootstrapped Business: Bryan’s decision to keep Heights Platform bootstrapped to maintain control and enjoy the work process.
  • Entrepreneurial Journey and Insights: Reflections on Bryan’s entrepreneurial journey, including the balance between work and personal life, and the realization that continuous engagement in meaningful work brings fulfillment.
  • Future of Heights Platform: Bryan’s commitment to continuing to develop and grow Heights Platform, with a focus on maintaining company culture and product quality.
  • Community Engagement and Learning Resources: Information on Heights Platform’s community and learning resources, including a free community at and the Heights Platform podcast.


Bryan McAnulty:

Heights Platform (Affiliate Link):

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