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Need ideas for your next piece of content? Use this database to find ideas for your next article, picture, post, video, or podcast.


Case Study

A Case Study is a long form description of a specific situation or occurrence. It should include details about the problems within a the situation, how they were addressed, and how they were solved, as well as a summary of the final results.

Instructional Article

An Instructional Article is a formal document that includes detailed step-by-step instructions concerning the completion of a specific task.

Technical Article

Case Study Article

Poll Result Article

Transformation Article

Statistical Article

Document/Course Citation Article

How-To Article

Impressive Feat Article

Comparison Article

Product Announcement Article

Company News Article


General News Article

Mistake Correction Article

Top List Article

Challenge Article

Plan Article

Tip Article

Technique Article

Review Article

Q&A Article

Q&A Articles are a written version of an interview between an interviewer and one or more interviewees.


FAQ Video

Testimonial Video

Experience Video

Educational Video

Documentary Video

Product Video

Presentation Video

Animation Video

Whiteboard Video

Brand Video


Origin Story Podcast

Transformation Podcast

Trend Discussion Podcast

Panel Podcast

Panel Podcasts involve two or more individuals discussing a specific topic in an open format. Similar to webinars that address a topic, trend, product, news story, or other event.

Event/Speech Citation Podcast

Tip Podcast

Monologue Podcast

Fictional Podcast

Interview Podcast

Rant Podcast

Rant Podcasts involve an unstructured explanation, story, or description of a single topic. Should be done by a single person. This is the informal version of the Monologue Podcast.

Social Posts

Statistical Post

Testimonial Post

Quote Post

Author Post

Screenshot Post

Pain Point Post

Inspirational Post

Over the Shoulder Post

Benefit Post

Avatar Post

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