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The Content Map

The Content Map: Your Guide

The Content Map is exactly what it sounds like: a guide to creating content. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be structured and thought out. The purpose of the Content Map is to illustrate how all of the pieces of a particular project fit together, aiding you in the consistent creation of information.

If your website is a house, the Content Map is its blueprint. The only difference is that not all of the pieces need to be built in order. As you’ll see when you compare the Content Map to the Content Posting Schedule, creating and releasing the information in your Content Map may not follow a specific order.

Fitness System Drives Your Content Map

Your Fitness System is the basis of each Content Map you create. Even as your Fitness System evolves as your company develops, its base philosophies and principles can always use support with specific projects from the Content Map. Between your objectives and your Fitness System, you will know exactly what information you need to create and how often you need to create it.

The Macro Content Map

The Content Map that you’ll be using to guide your content creation on a daily basis can be pretty big (as you’ll see on the following pages). That’s great for guiding your daily content creation, but you also need an over arching picture of how individual projects (such as Workout Plans, Diet Plans, and Product Launch Plans) are incorporated into your long term vision.

The Macro Content Map does just that. This example is for a typical Fitness System that is aiming to get people results through information products (ebooks, DVDs, workshops, etc.) and includes various objectives of the business.