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Complete Social Media Posting Schedule | ChatGPT Prompt

Not sure what to post on social media? This 2-prompt series will train ChatGPT to be your own social media manager! Get a schedule, descriptions, and suggested media for your next campaign.


Purpose: Create a social media posting schedule custom-made for your brand and objectives. Simply fill in the brackets and you’ll get a full schedule of posts for as long as you want!

AI Platform: ChatGPT

Source: Mark de Grasse

See It In Action: ChatGPT Chat Link


Copy and paste each prompt into a ChatGPT chat. Replace the bracketed [ ] areas where indicated before executing each prompt.

If you don’t have a “Brand Voice Statement,” generate it by Click Here.



Review the following social media post types, then use the information to answer the questions following this one: 

TYPE"	" 
List Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		Create a list of books, tools, resources, or any other thing that your market will find useful.
Problem/Solution Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		This type of post has an easy format: Define a problem & Present the solution
FAQ Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		Make a post that answers Frequently Asked Questions 
Research Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		Conducting your own primary research around a topic in your niche is one of the best ways to build blog content that gets attention.
Checklist Post 	BOTH	Useful	ARTICLE		People like the checklist format because it’s easy to digest and act on when the content is itemized in this way.
The Ultimate Guide Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		A detailed, comprehensive post on a topic in your niche. The most important part of this post is that you’re staying true to your word.
Series Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		Look for opportunities to break a topic into a series that can be released each day over the course of a week or month. 
Stats Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		Consider curating and pulling together stats from multiple locations to create a good statistics post.
Pillar Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		A Pillar Post uses evergreen content that is core to your company to create a content pillar that you can link back to often.
Video Review Post	BOTH	Useful	VIDEO		With a Video Review Post, just review a video that’s related to your audience. You can either review the video as a whole or take screenshots, add text explanations, and embed the video onto your post.
Tips Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		For an easy way to create really useful content, compile a list of tips for your audience. These can be tips on how to do something better, tips for getting a good deal, or any other subject relevant to your audience. 
SAQ Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		The Should Ask Question Post is a variation of the FAQ post. This is a question that customers or prospects don’t ask—but they should.
Tools Post	BOTH	Useful	ANY		Post a list of tools that you think your audience will find helpful. You can rate them, review them, or just make it a simple list.
Behind the Scenes Post	BOTH	Human	ANY		If you have a loyal following, they will want to see what goes on behind the scenes of the content that you can create. Transparency creates a stronger connection between you and your customer.
Crowdsourced Post	BOTH	Generous	ANY		Crowdsourcing is a great way to get as many experts and influencers as possible in one place at a time. Have each influencer talk about a single topic and then put it together in a blog post.
Interview Post	BOTH	Generous	ANY		Remember that an easy way for an influencer to give you an interview is through audio—all they have to do is call you and start talking.
Link Roundup Post	BOTH	Generous	ANY		Find content that is relevant to your customer and put it in one place for them. You don’t have to necessarily provide the content, you just need to create the place where it’s all conveniently organized.
Quote Post 	BOTH	Generous	ARTICLE/SOCIAL		Pull together quotes from multiple influencers across a specific topic to create a Quote Post.
Best of the Web Post	BOTH	Generous	ANY		The Best of the Web Post often includes content, tools, and other resources that you have curated, linked to, and described.
Pick of the Week Post	BOTH	Generous	ANY		This is a popular type of series post and is usually a relatively short blog post that describes a single piece of content, tool, or other resource that you have curated, linked to and described.
Content Aggregator	BOTH	Generous	ANY		This is a hybrid form of the list post that uses other people’s content. Find the most socially viral content on a given topic and aggregate it into one post.
Comparison Post	BOTH	Promotional	ANY		Create a post that compares the features and benefits of your product to competitive solutions.
Project Showcase Post	BOTH	Promotional	ANY		Use your blog to outline a specific project you or your organization is working on currently or has completed and show the process.
Income Report Post	BOTH	Promotional	ANY		Open the books and show your audience a breakdown of the money you and your organization are making.
Company Update Post	BOTH	Promotional	ANY		Use your blog to let your customers and prospects know of new employee hires, acquisitions, or major contracts. This is a good time to update them to what’s happening and has a similar format to the behind the scenes blog posts.
Presentation Post	BOTH	Promotional	ANY		Publishing presentations given by employees is a great way to create more content without doing a lot of extra work. Presentations can easily be turned into blog posts and you didn’t have to do much extra work.
Best-of Post	BOTH	Promotional	ANY		Posts that pull together the most popular posts you have published over a period of time. This is a great opportunity to drive more traffic to your highest performing blog posts.
Year-in-Review Post	BOTH	Promotional	ANY		You can showcase all the things your company has done or made during the year in this reflection post. It not only serves to show your current customers what you have done, but it can also give prospects a snapshot of who you are.
Debate Post	BOTH	Controversial	ANY		Use your blog to present one side of the debatable argument or find someone that disagrees with you and present both sides in the same post.
Prediction Post 	BOTH	Controversial	ANY		If you take a debatable and speculative approach, a prediction post can get a great response.
Reaction Post	BOTH	Controversial	ANY		Use your blog to react to content created by someone else. For example, the content might be a blog post, book, presentation, interview, or podcast episode.
Embed Reactor	BOTH	Controversial	ARTICLE/VIDEO		Find an embeddable video (think Youtube), Slideshare presentation, or infographic that is going viral in your niche right now. Then, embed it in your blog post and post your reaction under it.
Story Post	BOTH	Entertaining	ANY		Create content that tells a story that would be entertaining to your market. Some blogs only produce this type of content and others create a series around it.
Satire Post	BOTH	Entertaining	ANY		Be humorous through the use of irony or extreme exaggeration—this kind of post works well where there are timely issues such as politics or sports.
Cartoon Post	BOTH	Entertaining	ANY		This type of post works well as a series. Create weekly or monthly cartoon posts that make your audience laugh and think about issues and events in your niche.
Meme Post	BOTH	Entertaining	ANY		Memes are humorous pieces of content that spread virally across the web. You can create your own memes or find relevant memes on the web through a Google search.
Parody Post	BOTH	Entertaining	ANY		Create a post that imitates a well-known person or media property in your niche—be sure to exaggerate their strengths and shortcomings in your content.
Review Post	BOTH	Timely	ANY		Review a product, event, or anything else you have access to. The key to a review post is that it has to be published while the product, event, etc., is trending.
Survey Post	BOTH	Timely	ARTICLE/SOCIAL		Choose a newsworthy/trending topic and survey your audience about it using email, social media, or in-person events. Then, pull the results together into a blog post.
News Post	BOTH	Timely	ANY		Create content on your blog about events as they are happening. You don’t need to “break” the story but you want to offer your own insights around the trending topic.
Trend Post	BOTH	Timely	ANY		If you’re in an industry where there are always new features or changes happening, use this post style to create pillar content around the topic.
Issue Post	BOTH	Timely	ANY		Choose issues that affect your audience and create content around it while it’s relevant to them. This doesn’t necessarily have to always be a new topic, but it has to be new information.
Takeaways Post	BOTH	Timely	ANY		For the Takeaways Post, you will want to react to an event, presentation, or experience, and then list out your top takeaways from it. This should be done pretty soon after the event, since you want to remain timely and capitalize on that event’s popularity.
Question Post	BOTH	Engaging	ANY		Question posts are created from an interaction with your audience. Ask them on social media or forums to ask questions that will be answered in a blog post. You can also have them comment on another blog post to submit their questions.
Answer Post	BOTH	Engaging	ANY		The Answer Post is the sister of the Question Post. In this post type, you will simply ask a question and allow your audience to answer it in your comments section. This type of post is generally very short, allowing your audience to create the bulk of the content.
Customer Showcase Post	BOTH	Engaging	ANY		This blog post type is partly promotional but also builds engagement. Use your blog to feature a customer or a project you have worked on with the customer.
Definition Post	DIRECT	Useful	ANY		Consider creating a series of posts that define aspects of your niche. 
Product Update Post	DIRECT	Promotional	ANY		If you have rabid fans of your products and services, you might be surprised at how well a post on new product/new feature announcements will do on your blog.
Product Tips Post	DIRECT	Promotional	ANY		This post type is both promotional and useful and is very powerful for the right blog and audience. Create content that helps your customers be more successful with your product or services.
Challenge Post	DIRECT	Engaging	ANY		Use a blog post to pose a challenge to your audience. This post can work well as a series with updates being made that feature audience members who are participating in a challenge.
Freebie Post	DIRECT	Engaging	ANY		Use a blog post to allow your audience to get access to a relevant giveaway.
Contest Post	DIRECT	Engaging	ANY		Announce a contest on your blog. This post can work well as a series or with updates being made featuring contest results.
Before-and-After Transformations	DIRECT	Promotional	ANY		Display the results of using your product through compelling before-and-after images or videos, emphasizing the improvements or changes it can make.
Behind-the-Design	DIRECT	Human	ANY		Share the story behind your product's design or development process, including inspirations, challenges, and key learnings, to foster a deeper connection with your audience.
Customer Testimonials	DIRECT	Timely	ANY		Share positive reviews or user-generated content that demonstrates the value of your products or services, building trust and credibility with your audience.
Expert Endorsements	DIRECT	Generous	ANY		Feature industry influencers or experts using and recommending your product, leveraging their credibility to increase your brand's trustworthiness.
In-Depth Feature Highlight	DIRECT	Useful	ANY		Create a post that focuses on one specific feature of your product, explaining its benefits and showcasing it through visuals, such as images or video.
Interactive Product Tour	DIRECT	Engaging	ANY		Create an interactive post that allows users to explore your product's features and benefits through a 360-degree view, zoom, or clickable hotspots.
Launch Announcements	DIRECT	Promotional	ANY		Build anticipation and excitement for new products or services by sharing teaser content, countdowns, or pre-order information.
Limited Edition/Exclusive Releases	DIRECT	Timely	ANY		Promote a limited edition or exclusive version of your product, generating excitement and a sense of urgency among your audience.
Live Events and Webinars	DIRECT	Engaging	ANY		Promote upcoming virtual or in-person events that provide value to your audience and showcase your company's expertise.
Product How-to Guides	DIRECT	Useful	ANY		Demonstrate the various ways your product can be used, providing step-by-step instructions and practical tips for your audience.
Product Showcase	DIRECT	Useful	ANY		Highlight the features and benefits of a specific product, with high-quality images or videos, and a clear call-to-action (CTA).
Product Variants	DIRECT	Useful	ANY		Showcase the different versions, colors, or sizes of your product, highlighting the variety and customization options available to customers.
Seasonal or Themed Showcase	DIRECT	Human	ANY		Tie your product showcase to a specific holiday, season, or event, highlighting its relevance and usefulness for that particular occasion.
Special Offers and Discounts	DIRECT	Promotional	ANY		Share limited-time deals, promotional codes, or exclusive bundles to incentivize customers to make a purchase.
Time-sensitive Flash Sales	DIRECT	Timely	ANY		Create urgency by promoting short-term sales with limited quantities or availability to encourage immediate action from your audience.
Unboxing Experience	DIRECT	Promotional	ANY		Share an unboxing video or series of photos that display the packaging, presentation, and first impressions of your product.
How-To Post	INDIRECT	Useful	ANY		This post describes how to execute a process and uses images, video, or audio to enrich the post and make it as easy as possible for your visitor to take action.
Case Study Post	INDIRECT	Useful	ANY		Case study posts outline and unpack the details of a project, event, or process and show you how it turned out.
Inspirational Post	INDIRECT	Human	ANY		Some of the most eective content on the web is neither informational or entertaining—it simply inspires.
Holiday Post 	INDIRECT	Human	ANY		Some blogs go dormant on popular holidays while others use the opportunity to deliver well-wishes to their audience and display their humanity.
Guard-Down Post	INDIRECT	Human	ANY		When a content creator lets their guard down by delivering a deeply personal experience that the audience to relate to, the audience is going to feel way more connected to you and your company.
Off-Topic Post	INDIRECT	Human	ANY		This can be risky, but if you have a loyal following that has become accustomed to you covering a specific set of topics—this kind of post can shock them and receive a great response.
Rant Post	INDIRECT	Human	ANY		The rant post shows your human side by revealing your passion and anger about a topic that is relevant to your audience.
Home Runs Post	INDIRECT	Human	ANY		Share your company’s home runs in a blog post so your audience can see what you are doing that is working well.
Bloopers/Mess-Ups Post	INDIRECT	Human	ANY		Showing your customers that you mess up will help them see you as human, and they will feel more connected to you.
Profile Post	INDIRECT	Generous	ARTICLE		Write a profile of an influential person in your niche. Be sure to notify them via email, phone call, or social media that you have profiled them—this way they will have an opportunity to share it.
People to Follow Post	INDIRECT	Generous	ANY		Curate a list of influential people, describe them, and provide links for your audience to connect with them through their website, social media channels, events, books, etc.
What If Posts	INDIRECT	Controversial	ANY		The success of this type of post rests on your ability to choose a “what if” that is interesting and debatable.
Attack Post	INDIRECT	Controversial	ANY		Be careful with this one... but picking a fight with the right person/organization/ event, etc. will force your audience to choose sides and draw lots of attention.


Act as a professional social media manager. A brand called [BRAND NAME] is creating a social media post schedule and needs to generate content for the posts. The specs for the campaign are as follows:

Goal: [ENTER GOAL (Options: Awareness, Engagement, Subscription, Conversion, Excitement, Ascension)]
Brand Voice Statement: [ENTER BRAND VOICE]
Social Media Platform: [ENTER PLATFORM]
Frequency (per day): [ENTER POSTS PER DAY]

For each post type listed above, create the information needed to create the post. The information for each post should include the following:

Suggested Media
Post Description
Relevant Hashtags

Create a table listing the day in column 1, post type in column 2, suggested media in column 3, post description in column 4, and relevant hashtags in column 5.

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