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Podcast Concept Generator | ChatGPT Prompt

Conceptualizing a new podcast to promote your brand, products, and services is easy! Use this short prompt series to ideate, name, create series concepts, episode concepts, and your introduction script in less than 10 minutes!


Purpose: Create the basic components needed to start a podcast, including the name, summary, series, episodes, and introduction script.

AI Platform: ChatGPT 4

Source: Mark de Grasse (Prompt)



Copy and paste each prompt into a ChatGPT chat. Replace the bracketed [ ] areas where indicated before executing each prompt.


PROMPT 1: Generate Podcast Concepts

You are a professional podcast creator. A company that primarily sells [INPUT TOP OFFERING] to [BASIC TARGET INDUSTRY] wants to start a podcast that appeals to [SPECIFIC CUSTOMER AVATAR]. Create 5 podcast concepts that might connect the target market with the service/product being sold.

PROMPT 2: Select Concept & Generate Series Ideas

Use the [INPUT DESIRED CONCEPT #] concept. Create 5 types of podcast episode  series ideas. The series should allow for multiple episodes and tap into different specific concepts and moods that the target market might be interested in.

PROMPT 3: Essential Information

Create 10 episode concepts for Series [INPUT DESIRED SERIES NUMBERS].

PROMPT 4: Introduction Script Generation

Based on my selections, create a 30 second opening script to introduce the podcast to new listeners. Use the following outline: 1) Hook 2) Problem Audience is Facing 3) Solution Podcast Provides 4) CTA to Subscribe

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