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What is a Fitness System?

What is a fitness system?

A fitness system is an individual’s or company’s unique solution for helping people achieve their fitness objectives. It is the summation of every technique and component employed to translate goals into results.

Why You Need a fitness System

A lot of trainers and coaches think that having a variety of certifications, degrees, and other qualifications is enough to warrant all the business, money, and prestige they need to excel in the fitness industry; this is wrong. No one really cares how many different people taught you; they care about how you took all that information and combined it into something new and unique.

The problem with having so much information is that there is no way to apply it effectively. Each piece needs to be integrated into something new, otherwise you risk having wasted your time acquiring it in the first place.

After working with both clients and trainers, I can tell you that each person’s experience is unique. Everyone runs into different issues and challenges, so no two systems can truly be the same. They might look the same in some way, but they can never be delivered and adopted in the same manner.

The fact is that you have everything you need to create a unique system, and chances are that you already have a system, even if you haven’t defined it very well.

In terms of the fitness industry, your fitness system is more than just a guide to coaching clients and getting results. It is your guide to every aspect of the business, including your branding and every aspect of marketing (in the case of my system, that means your content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing).

It even extends to your operations, especially if you’re managing a facility. You should know exactly what happens when a new potential client walks in the door. Who will greet them? What will that person say? How do you assess their needs and explain how you will help them achieve results? How will the first session be handled? How will you follow up with them? Are there special offers available? Are there incentives to come by a second time or invite their friends? If they become members of your gym, what paperwork will need to be filled out? How will you integrate them into your unique culture? How will you track their results? And on, and on, and on.

Just like every other aspect of your business, you need to be consistent and professional. No one likes wishy-washy solutions and answers. The minute you say “I don’t know, that’s a good question,” you have instantly invalidated your business and have potentially lost a customer. If you don’t have every answer to every question they might ask, you are not prepared and you have not defined your system well enough.