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Article Optimization Part 1

These principles will give you an overall guideline for social media marketing in general, no matter which platform you choose to focus your attention on.

Article Optimization Part 2

Creating new content takes a lot of time and effort, so you can’t let it go to waste by simply posting it on your website! The best way to get the maximum amount of traffic for any given piece of information is to release it on multiple channels over a set time period.

Article Optimization Part 3

While every social media platform has strengths and weaknesses, I’ve found that the following five hold the most potential in the fitness industry. The importance of each will vary on the types of content you create, but in general, their im- portance goes in the following order: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Article Optimization Part 4

This is a list of basic fitness-related social media posts along with suggestions concerning which social media networks to use them on and the frequency at which they should be posted. I suggest using no more than 3-5 on any given month.

Article Optimization Part 5

Branding your social media channels is a great way to reinforce your image, especially when you’re starting out. It’s simple, free, and it will put your different platforms way ahead of your competitors.