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Fitness Challenge: Double Kettlebell Circuit

Kettlebell Fitness Challenge: Double Kettlebell Circuit

The Double Kettlebell Circuit Challenge will push your strength, conditioning, and technique to its max. Set the clock for 10 minutes and see how many complete rounds you can do! Rest as needed and make sure your form is solid throughout.

RULES: Only complete rounds count. A round means that you performed all reps of each exercise. You can rest in the middle of sets/rounds and put down the weight as necessary. For the weight, round up to get to the proper kettlebell weight increment (e.g. a 200lb man would use 2, 24kg kettlebells totaling 106lb).

SAFETY NOTE: If you are not proficient with double kettlebell techniques/exercises, lesson the weight to 25% of your weight total. If you don’t have two kettlebells of the same size, you can also do the challenge with a single kettlebell, simply perform the designated reps on each arm before moving onto the next exercise and double the duration to 20 minutes.