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Convert a Podcast Into an Article | ChatGPT Prompt

Do you have tons of podcasts but not a lot of written articles? Now you can have both! Using this prompt you can easily turn a single podcast transcription into one or more articles in minutes!


Purpose: Convert a transcribed podcast into a table of article topics, then into an article using an effective article outline.

AI Platform: ChatGPT 4

Source: Mark de Grasse (Prompt)


Copy and paste each of these two (2) prompts into a single ChatGPT chat. Replace the bracketed [ ] areas where indicated before executing each prompt. You’ll need to transcribe your podcast prior to using this prompt (I used Descript to generate the transcription).


PROMPT 1: Generate Topics from Transcription

Review the following podcast episode transcription, then create a list of potential articles that could be derived from the content. Suggest at least 3 to 5 article topics, along with suggested titles, summaries, keywords, and sub-topics for each. Arrange the article ideas in a table. Here is the transcription:


PROMPT 2: Essential Information

use the suggested topic for article suggestion #3. Create an article using the following outline:

I. Hook - Introduce the concept with a clever/interesting story from the podcast transcription.
II. Introduction - Introduce the premise of the article and summarize what the reader will gain from consuming the information.
III. Primary Topics - Create a section for each of the primary points and fill in more detailed information found in the transcription.
IV. Re-Summarize - Re-summarize the point of the article and how the information could benefit the reader.
V. Call to Action - Create a call to action for the reader to learn more information by listening to the full podcast episode. Summarize the podcast episode.

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