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5 Must-Do Tasks for Online Marketing for Fitness Companies

The fitness industry is extremely competitive, but just like any other space, the person/company that does the work will reap the rewards. After working with dozens of fitness brands (including building and selling my own company), here are the 5 things I have found to be essential to online marketing for fitness.

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Content Marketing: Who Gives a S@#T?

Is Content Marketing just the next in a long line of online marketing gimmicks? I believe that Content Marketing is one of the least understood, but most powerful, marketing methods available today. Here I’ll outline several reasons why this is true, and how it will become more true as the digital age rolls on. Content Marketing: you need to give a s@#t.

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The Top 3 Pitfalls of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your customer base, gain a loyal, long-term following, and establish your business as the expert in your industry, all while enhancing your sales through a low-cost technique. In order to maximize its potential, you need to avoid these three costly mistakes that could derail the entire effort.

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