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Mark de Grasse is the President of DigitalMarketer, an eLearning company focused on skill development for professional marketers, marketing agencies, and small business owners. Mark de Grasse is a content strategist focused on integrated, genuine approaches to marketing and management. Mark has been working in content development since the mid-2000’s, creating tens of thousands of articles, graphics, videos, and podcasts over the years.

Brand Blueprint

A “Brand Blueprint” is a strategic document that consolidates the fundamental aspects of a brand’s identity, ensuring consistency, coherence, and impact across all brand expressions and touchpoints. It serves as a master plan for brand development, encompassing and integrating three critical components:

Brand Pillars: These are the core concepts and values that articulate and support the brand’s essence. Brand pillars define the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide every aspect of the brand’s operations, communications, and decision-making processes. They are the bedrock upon which the brand is built, ensuring that all initiatives are aligned with the brand’s vision and mission.

Brand Essentials: This component focuses on the key elements that form the brand’s personality, identity, and visual representation. Brand essentials include typography, design aesthetics, tone, and messaging. They are the tangible expressions of the brand that make it recognizable and distinct in the minds of consumers. By carefully curating these elements, a brand can effectively communicate its values, appeal to its target audience, and differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Brand Style Guides: These comprehensive manuals detail the application of the brand’s identity across various mediums and contexts. Brand style guides cover visual (logo usage, color palette, typography), written and verbal (tone of voice, messaging guidelines), interactive (digital interface design principles), experiential (brand events and environment design), and community (social media engagement practices) aspects. They ensure consistency and coherence in how the brand is presented and perceived across all touchpoints, from marketing materials to customer interactions.

Together, these components form a “Brand Blueprint” that not only outlines the visual and communicative aspects of a brand but also embeds its values and principles into every aspect of its identity. This blueprint is a vital tool for brand managers, marketers, and creative teams, providing a clear and cohesive framework for building and maintaining a strong, authentic brand identity.

Beyond the Gym: Redefining Fitness with Holistic Health Strategies w/Lanell Beckles | Ep. 19

In this eye-opening episode of Podcast Mark, host Mark de Grasse sits down with fitness and wellness guru Lanell Beckles, diving deep into the transformative power of personalized health. From the gut biome to the intricacies of a balanced workout routine, Lanell shares invaluable insights, echoing the podcast’s commitment to making the complex world of fitness accessible and relatable to entrepreneurs and business owners alike. Through vivid examples, including Mark’s own life-changing experiences, and engaging anecdotes, this episode is a testament to the philosophy that true fitness transcends the physical, touching on mental clarity, dietary adjustments, and the nuanced art of personalization in health regimes. Join us as we explore the holistic journey to wellness, breaking down the barriers of traditional fitness narratives.


  • Personal Health Journeys: Insights into Mark’s transformation through a Kundalini awakening sparked by Lanell’s advice on gut biome checks and tailored training methods.
  • The Simplicity in Wellness: Lanell shares his philosophy on keeping fitness and health regimes straightforward, avoiding overcomplication with unnecessary therapies or drugs.
  • Customized Fitness Solutions: The conversation veers into the challenges and successes of providing personalized fitness programs, emphasizing the importance of a method that adapts to individual needs without overwhelming the client or the coach.
  • The Significance of Gut Health: A deep dive into how a gut biome test can radically change one’s approach to diet and overall health, supported by Mark’s personal testament to its effectiveness.
  • Nutrition and Supplementation: Practical advice on dietary choices that align with one’s gut microbiome and how to intelligently incorporate supplements to address nutrient deficiencies.
  • Redefining Workout Regimens: Discussion on optimizing workout durations and frequencies to suit individual lifestyles and fitness levels, debunking the myth that longer, more frequent sessions are always better.
  • The Journey to Self-Value Through Fitness: An exploration of the psychological aspects of fitness, including the recognition of self-worth and the right to demand appropriate compensation for personalized coaching.
  • Sales and Entrepreneurship in Fitness: Challenges in conveying the value of customized fitness solutions and the importance of systemizing approaches to scale and maintain quality.
  • A Call for a Holistic Approach to Fitness: Both Mark and Lanell advocate for a holistic perspective on fitness, stressing that aesthetic goals should take a backseat to overall health and wellness.


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Viome Gut Biome Test:

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